How to embed YouTube video in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the platform that lets us make presentations as slides to present them in meetings or give them as presented in your classes if you are students. A presentation can be on any topic whether it be on a business, research, or any other topic and will be created on PowerPoint.

Many ways can make a PowerPoint more interesting. The slides have a ton of editable options that can be used from the top bar. You can customize the entire format as well as the background. There are many available options to choose from and all are free. You can even add your own.

There are also different designs and fonts. Also, you can add images and videos to the slides to make them more immersive. The videos can even be added directly from YouTube. There are certain ways through which you can add them

YouTube videos are a great way to make your slides more immersive for the listeners. For example, you want to embed a certain video from YouTube of a person that has a large number of subscribers and also has millions of video views and likes that link directly to your presentation topic you can embed that into your PowerPoint. To do that different methods are stated below:

Inserting an online video directly to PowerPoint

Adding an online video directly to PowerPoint requires an active internet connection and also a version of PowerPoint that is no less old than 2010. Despite these cons, it is one of the best ways to embed a YouTube video to your slides:

Your video will be added to the slides. It will be present just like a regular picture is and you can move it like you do with normal pictures and adjust the size of the video as well.

Using an embed code to add on PowerPoint

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This is a comparatively slower mode and still uses your internet connection but it is a more advanced method of embedding the video and gives certain customizations that can’t be done using regular insertion of online videos. It can be done in the following way:

Before adding the video certain modifications can be done on the video. These are called API parameters. Through these, you can separate parts of videos as well as make the video autoplay when that slide is opened. So, it is a more difficult but better way to embed a video from YouTube.

Using screen capture to embed the video

Videos made using screen capturing are very low quality and have a significant downgrade from the original video although these can be played without an internet connection:

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